Get 2 for 1 smoothies at AFTA EATS with the London Nightlife Ticket

AFTA EATS is a new concept located in the London Designer Outlet

AFTA EATS is a new concept located in the London Designer Outlet, a big shopping mall near the Wembley Stadium. They have a lot to offer when it comes to sweets and ice cream. Afta Eats is a modern Ice cream parlour. They offer many different sweets. They have a large menu with frozen yoghurt, smoothies, ice cream, sweet pastries and much more.

With the London Nightlife Ticket, you can make use of a great deal at this salon. Afta Eats is not a regular parlour, they believe their products should be available for everyone. Therefore the developed several products which match with dietary wishes. For example, they offer two sorts of frozen yoghurt and one of them is sugar-free.

An increasing number of people is eating healthier and from them, they came up with sugar-free products. In this way, they still can enjoy the delicious products of AFTA EATS and still keep to their diet. AFTA EATS is using none-diary products as well. They make sorbet ice for the ones who prefer to eat none-diary.


AE as said is located in the London Designer Outlet. A beautiful shopping mall with famous stores and great services. In the middle of this mall, you can find AFTA EATS. You will quickly notice it for its smooth and modern appearance. The mall including AFTA EATS is open 6 days a week from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm Monday till Saturday.

The mall is very popular with its shops and nice places to eat and drink. The mall is located at the Wembley Park. Very close to the world-famous Wembley Stadium.

The mall is accessible by public transport. The nearest subway stop is called Wembley Park and you can get there with a 12-minute walk. You could also go by train. The station “Wembley Stadium’’ is approachable with a short walk of five minutes.