See London by Night is a great way to travel and see all of the historic city.

Explore Comfortably

Everybody knows that London is a historic city with so much to be discovered. Today London remains the same,  a vibrant and cultured city that offers endless possibilities to explore. But how do you explore London by Night exactly?

The ‘See London by Night’ bus tour is the answer you have been seeking. With a London Nightlife Ticket, a 2 for 1 tour is also included. On this popular tour, enjoy the wind through your hair seated above in their observation decks, or take refuge in the warmth below where you can view the city ‘from the comfort of your seats.

This tour includes seeing well-known destinations like the Royal Albert Hall, the Natural History Museum, Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, and the London Bridge to name just a few.

If you are interested in taking this tour, other languages are offered. While this live tour is spoken about in English, operate audio is available including Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Japanese. Please make sure to ask the tour staff if special accommodations need to be made for you or your group.

Evening Tours

See London by Night scheduled tours are offered every evening from the stop ‘Green Park’ in the underground station located next to the Ritz Hotel.

The winter tours are offered 2 times each night for the months October 2017 up through March 2018. The first tour for leaves the station at 19:30 and the second at 21:20 and are considered the ‘Winter Tours’.

The Spring/Summer tours are from April 2018 through September 2018 and the times available are 21:15. 21:45, and 22:15 at night.

Please remember, while the See London by Night tour 2 for 1 deal is included on your ticket, you must schedule the tour you would like to attend. Please stay aware of the Winter tour times and the Spring/Summer tours so you do not mix them up.

Please refrain from attending these tours over-intoxicated or on drugs as the company reserves full rights to decline service for you and your group.

Have fun and enjoy the gorgeous London views!