Shaka Zulu London

Experience a Piece of South-Africa

Shaka Zulu is a South-African themed bar in London. From the moment you walk in, you will feel the South-African vibe and culture through the amazing decor. This stunning venue opened in 2010 and has even received a royal blessing from the Zulu King.

Here they offer live music, parties, food, drinks, and dancing. The staff is very friendly and professional. This club houses a restaurant, full bar and a nightclub, all in one! Their restaurant has a diverse menu with a mixture of south-African dishes as well as classics.

If you would like to try the South-African dishes and habits Shaka Zulu is a great choice. The drink menu consists of nice cocktails with a touch of the South-African taste. South-Africa is very famous because of their great wines and of course you can find these wines on their menu. Next to food & drinks, Shaka throws parties every weekend.

"Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!"

For the music-lovers, Shaka Zulu plays many different genres of music throughout the night. This venue has a large space which is decorated in elaborate patterns, deep colors and beautiful fixtures, all in South-African style.

This accommodation is located in Chalk Farm, a district in North-London. This area is home to many lively pubs, restaurants and music venues. Shaka Zulu is settled close to London’s most popular areas, the London Market.

Shaka Zulu is easily accessible by subway. The nearest stop is called Chalk Farm Station. Shaka Zulu is a short seven-minute walk. Make sure that you are dressed your best and leave all sneakers, sports apparel, hats and sweatpants at home! For more information about dresscodes, please click here.

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Hours of Operation:
Friday & Saturday: 5PM – 2AM | Sunday – Thursday: 5PM – 12PM

Stables Market Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AB

Public Transportation Options:
Shaka Zulu is easily accessible by taking the subway. The nearest stop is called Chalk Farm Station,attainable by foot and is just a eight-minute walk.