On this picture there are severa dishes of Uber Eats shown

Uber Rides & UberEATS Information

Uber is an innovative company who provides their transportation through different applications. They developed two unique services. As first they launched the Uber app. An app where you can easily order a taxi. The app got really popular because of the benefits. Here are a few, the price of your ride is stock in advance, you know the driver and you can see his actual location. It is cheaper than regular taxis and the total amount of your ride will be automatically charged to your Credit Card or Paypal, so you don’t have to. The app is easy to use and can order a taxi to your given location, within minutes.

The company has now developed a new service called UberEATS. With your account, you can easily order the best dishes from your favourite restaurants in town. These dishes will be delivered at your preferred location. So order the dishes of your favourite restaurants from the UberEATS app and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

Benefits & Credits with London Nightlife Ticket

With your London Nightlife Ticket, you can use the promo code from your ticket and get credits on your account. Both for Uber and Uber eats. With these credits, you can first experience the value of this great services. You will be satisfied.

Imagine your ride back home from the nightclub in London, just order a cab with the Uber app and get a free or almost free ride back to your residence!  Or if you’re not really in the mood of dining out, but you do want a nice meal. Use Uber eats and enjoy the ease and benefit of your London Nightlife Ticket code.

On this picture there are several dishes of Uber Eats shown